Hijau is the Malay word for green – and so Almost Hijau means Almost Green.

A lot of people embrace being ‘green’. But by claiming so does not mean they entirely want to give up their cars, choosing perhaps to compromise and switch to a Prius instead. Neither are they ready to swear off the use of air-conditioning, fresh produce air-flown from a gazillion miles away  across the earth, or switch from Tide to soapnuts. While there are many, many people who have transitioned successfully to a greener way of living, eating healthy organic food produced within the vicinity of their communities, there are many more like me who choose to transition in moderation – thus Almost Hijau.

They say old habits are hard to break, but that does not mean they are impossible. But I choose to embrace it naturally and with ease. While I still allow myself the occasional processed food and sweets, and coming home with plastic bags holding my groceries because I’d forgotten my recyclables (hey, they double as bin liners after!) I also know this is my journey and this is the stuff worth writing for.


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