“Some of them swim in circles” – Day 1 of Pre Conception, Pre Natal & Post Natal Yoga Teaching Course


In keeping with the true fashion of fulfilling Yoga Alliance requirement of  ‘continuing education’ for Registered Teachers, I had enrolled into a Pre Conception, Pre Natal & Post Natal Yoga TTC. Now that is a mouthful to be typing over and over again for the next 4 days and so this training will be referred to as just Pre & Post Natal Yoga TTC.

My interest to focus on yoga for women came almost as simultaneous as the day I picked up that Jamu book in Ngurah Rai Airport in March. I knew that women’s need are multi dimensional yet specific at certain points of her life. And what better way to explore this further through a short 4-day TTC with Dr. Jacqueline Koay from Sun Yoga. 

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, other than at the end of this 4 day I would ideally like to know, with confidence, how to successfully teach prenatal women and guide them through all the way until their postnatal phase. As a bonus it would be nice to be able to help those trying to conceive achieve their desired goals as well.

There are only 6 of us who signed up for this course which makes it all the more enjoyable as interaction are more intimate and there’s more time for questions to be attended to. Jacqueline was a life force on her own. When she introduced herself as a mother of 5, with the eldest being my age, I was floored. Later on the way to University Malaya where we were going to spend Day 1 learning up the theory of hormones, conceiving, and all the awesome she-bang that comes with making a baby (no pun intended of course hah!), we found out amongst other things that she was an Oxford educated, ex McKinsey consultant, now serving WHO as a surgeon in Jakarta.

Our day was spent in the Anatomy class, where we sat in one corner surrounded by preserved sliced brains, hearts, feets, hands, and fetuses of various months in glass jars. Theory classes such as this has a tendency to get dry very quickly, but thanks to what I’d like to attribute as partially my own interest in the topic (back to Biology class yay!) and her ability to weave in her own experience and stories made the whole learning process quite enjoyable.

Our conversation was bar none, educational but explicit all at the same time. It really felt like I was back in high school doing Biology class, except this time it’s the teacher who asks ‘naughty explicit questions’ instead of those hormone raging innocent 15 year olds themselves. I mean heck, we are talking about making babies here and inevitably the topic of sex would come up (I don’t expect anything less from a Pre & Post Natal TTC otherwise!). “So what are the best sex positions to make babies?” were some of the questions thrown to the group.

So within the span of roughly 5 hours, I learned that missionary, spooning and doggy styles are the best ways to make sure a baby will be a result of a hot lovemaking session. And to be extra sure of it, one must go into a bridge pose or a shoulder pose so that gravity can aid all the little swimmers to their destination – THE EGG. I learned that there are such abnormalities like sperm swimming around in circles lost of direction and never able to find where their other chromosomal half that leads to the woman not able to conceive.

And amongst her many entertaining stories, are also serious stories like nasty tears and surgeries in the labor room. Vivid description of how a vajayjay can look like right after labor – “like torn liver having to be sewn up”.

So that is day 1 of 4. Tomorrow we get to do the fun stuff as we head back to the shala and put some practice back onto the mat.

Infertility Poster

Causes of infertility – which includes sperm with giant heads. Seriously.



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