Daily Archives: October 14, 2012

Day 27 – “All my bags are packed”


I woke up with this song playing in my head this morning, and I can’t help but turn to Chandra and said “I’ve got a song in my head!” and proceeded to sing it out loud

I’m sure she didn’t appreciate the live radio streaming first thing in the morning as much as I did :p

It is Day 27. My bags ARE packed and I am writing this as I am waiting to have my final breakfast at Vikasa before heading to the airport shortly after. Chandra, Mary and Vanessa are outside my bamboo hut talking and I can hear them laughing. Gotta love the energy over here despite it being a day of departures and farewells.

We received our graduation certificates yesterday and Vikasa’s opening party followed after into the night. I had been having mixed feelings of the ending of this one month but I am allowing myself some time to get back home and fully digest every single thing that we learned over here.

A few people has already left this morning and I am already starting to miss some. I went to the second shala for a short morning practice, and while going through my pranayamas with my eyes closed, it feels like everyone is still around me doing the same. I will miss the comical banters I have with Tee every morning but I guess his tube of After Bite will be a little reminder of him (as long as it lasts) and these half dozen of red welts all over my leg serves a purpose for it.

I will go home and process through these thoughts and conversations. Another post-Vikasa entry is due to come in the next coming few days in which I hope to reflect my experiences here and coherently translate it into words. In the meantime my mind is beginning to transition from yoga teacher’s training mode to consulting and business mode. Oh dear..here we go!

Namaste and farewell Koh Samui