Daily Archives: October 12, 2012

Day 26 – “Good friends we have..”


Today is a day of many “lasts”. Last morning practice, last brunch with the group, last evening practice…

There has been many conversations exchanged with other fellow YITs on how we’ve come, the changes we’ve observed within ourselves, and our plans on yoga and possibility of teaching.

I decided to forgo this afternoon’s philosophy class to accompany T to get our intake’s ‘souvenir’ printed out. On Monday someone had the idea of coming up with asanas and naming it after themselves (i.e. Nabillasana!) and compiling it into an asana catalogue similar to what Kosta has for our teaching module. The outcome was AMAZING, and both of us were full of whoas when it finally came out of the printer. This is what it looks like:

Vikasa TTC Sep/Oct 2012 Asana Catalogue

So we have a copy each printed for everyone and personally, I can’t wait to frame mine and display it in my study room. To remind me of how blessed I have been to be able to meet this crazy, amazing bunch of people and share a whole month together.

After our printing errands, dropping off his laundry, and some other errands which involved leaving me behind at Boots (haha, to some of my YITs, Boots is now synonymous with Nabilla. Boots = Nabilla. Hilarious) and another trip to Il Tempio for a couple more scoops of the coconut gelato I had yesterday. By now, I think the Italian owner would’ve probably realised I have been to his shop 3 days in a row this week. I’m surprised I hadn’t been there earlier!

Amazing YIT with his coconut mudra

I will miss these times. Rodney came down to the shala early this morning to bid his good bye before heading off to the airport, and I had to quickly blink away some tears that were threatening to surface. I am not good with farewells unfortunately. But as I was reminded by Kat this morning during brunch, one of the key takeaways from what we have learned so far is to face the future with an open heart and to not hold on to the present moment too strongly that we forget there is more to come for each and everyone of us.