Day 25 – “Love is a verb”


One of our Vikasa TTC teachers, George left a touching message on the TTC facebook group page today that went a little like this:

Keep exploring, growing, learning and most importantly loving yourself and sharing your joy with the world. This is more important than anything else, and helps to liberate people of that which may be obstructing their own path to freedom!

It serves as reminder to all of us, soon to be yoga instructors and teachers that self love is of utmost importance if we intend to leave a positive impact on our future students and to inevitably spread the message of yoga effectively.

And what might self love look like?

I think it involves a number of decisions that we would have to make for ourselves in the course of our journey towards recognizing our own authentic self. And part of this includes giving ourselves the gift of self development and growth. Investing in oneself whether it be through pursuing our passion (i.e. embarking on a 1 month Yoga TTC course 🙂 ), exploring  and traveling to other parts of the world so that we could simultaneously learn to appreciate other cultures and human behavior as well as appreciating the unique characteristics of our own culture and language, and most importantly allowing ourselves the space to explore, to try, and to make mistakes yet still be kind to ourselves despite our shortcomings. Something that I am currently trying to consciously work on every time the perfectionist in me isn’t quite satisfied with my own efforts.

Self love, like any other relationships we would have in this lifetime, involves commitment and consistent work to remain strong and sturdy. As John Mayer sings it best:

Love ain’t a drug
Despite what you’ve heard
Yeah love ain’t a thing
Love is a verb

Love is a Verb – John Mayer


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