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Day 23 & 24 – Yoga as a business


2 more days to the end of the course. Amazing how time certainly flows and ebbs away and before you know it, the plane is on the runway waiting for you to get on it for your flight back home.

Today marks our final business and marketing module with Kosta. During this time he shared with the class some of his earlier experiences as a yoga teacher, the choices he made and the circumstances that eventually got him to where he is today – owner and founder of Vikasa Yoga.

Vikasa – the BEST view in the world (photo courtesy of Yuko Nolte)

It was to say the least a very humbling experience to be able to sit and listen to him relate his stories in a no nonsense manner. Straight forward and easily relatable.

In yesterday’s discussion, Kosta talked about the realities of being a yoga teacher and being able to sustain oneself in this chosen career path. “What is yoga? Yoga is a business” he said jokingly at one point. Jokes aside, a yoga teacher will still need to eat, and have a roof on top of his/her head and so the question of how do I support myself while still doing what I love will inevitably arise at some point. I am glad the business side of yoga is covered in this module, at least it’s given me a general guideline on how to get started. Before beginning the course I had already some rough ideas in mind, but now these rough ideas is taking its first initial form in my head. Exciting times ahead!

As each of us approach the end of this course in our own unique ways, questions of how will I eventually be able to process and digest all the knowledge I have acquired here and assimilate that with my existing life at home has been popping up in my mind more and more. I am navigating through an existing career which I find rewarding but equally as stressful, moving forward as an adult and buying my own house, and being able to accumulate enough savings and build a comfortable retirement nest.

The answers to which I do not have at this point.

Without forgetting the present moment, I am fully aware of these last few days left on this beautiful island. I had been feeling a little ‘lazy’ during practice sessions. It’s akin to the feeling I would usually have in the last final 3-4 days of Ramadhan before Eid’ul Fitr comes along. That final last stretch of abstaining from eating and drinking while the sun is up, knowing that a celebration is waiting to happen at the end of the line. Similarly, I am both excited to complete this course and be able to graduate with my other wonderful fellow YITs. YAY! 🙂