Day 20 – Reflections


Today is our 3rd Saturday and final day off before graduation comes along next week. It was an easy going Saturday which started pretty late, just about enough time for me to shower and climbed the stairs for breakfast around 10am. Tee and I headed to Chaweng in the afternoon, and I was disappointed to see that Boots had changed their specials of Buy 1 Free 1 to Buy 1 and get 2nd item at 50%. Boo!

In any case we had an awesome Saturday filled with massages, manicure, pedicure, ice cream, pad thai and checking out the Chaweng Night Market which was a change from the usual Fisherman’s Village we always head to at Bo Phut.

Graduation ready toes in Pink and Orange

To mark the end of week 3 I wanted to share some of the changes I have observed within myself and also things which I have come to love about this little island of Koh Samui

1. I feel stronger

Well, I’d like to think that I have gained some strength but whether it be true or only my own delusional self perception, I am surprised I could go through one round of the Vikasa salutation last week while teaching without losing my breath. No doubt that I am waking every morning with some sort of pain somewhere (today it’s my wrists and small of my back), but I think these are all work in progress towards a better more fluid practice in the near future

2. Random asana poses in sanskrit pops in my head while I’m doing random things like brushing my teeth

Today it was Eka Padang Ustrasana. At dinner I casually asked Ram, our yoga philosopher and sanskrit teacher what it means because I have no idea what that name correlates to a pose. And he calmly said “well, Ustrasana means Camel. So if you mean One Legged Camel Pose, I would like to see it because I have NO idea what that is suppose to look like” which obviously got the whole table cracked up and keeling over in their bean bags from laughing so hard. What I should have said was actually – Eka Padangusthasana which is when you stand straight, one leg up with the hand catching the big toe and opening up the hips to one side.

3. I am calmer

I’m attributing this to the combination of being away from the corporate world and its stressors, being surrounded by like minded people, and the accelerated self inquiry which occurs almost on a daily basis. The view of the sea and the sound of crashing waves helps too.

4. Flexibility

In general I do think I am more flexible than I am stronger, but that doesn’t mean that I am completely flexible. There are days I feel stiffer than usual but I surprised myself last week when I lowered my forehead to my knees in a one legged seated forward bend. Breakthrough!

5. I love seeing the town from behind a scooter instead of a tuk tuk

My mum will probably shriek with horror if she knows exactly what I get up between classes and on days off. It is to sit as a passenger at the back of the scooter, holding on to the back of the bike for dear life as the driver in front goes up and down the hilly roads with the wind rushing through. It feels like a roller coaster ride minus the crazy sharp bends and drops.

6. Makeup? What is that?

Stepping out to practice and pranayamas, and whatever else in between without makeup on is liberating. Having perpetual yoga face and yoga hair and the je ne sais quoi attitude on how I happen to look to the rest of the world on any given day while I am here feels awesome. And of course, healthier for the skin too!


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  1. Ahh I totally agree with the yoga face and yoga hair!! I think it means that when you focus on the natural beauty of the things and people around you, you can’t help but glow with natural beauty yourself 🙂 I miss you Nabilla!!

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