Day 19 – Farewell George


Day 19 and the end of week 3. I can’t believe that we have one week left before graduation. This time next week, we will all have sat through our exams/tests (whatever surprises that Kosta has planned for us) and only that much closer to being certified 200hr YA yoga teachers.

We ended the week with the last person from our group leading the 1 hour evening practice. From this exercise I learned that your confidence (or the lack of it) transfers to your students the moment you touch them for an adjustment. The idea of energy field and transference is so apparent in yoga asana practice that you would have to be mindful of it, whether you believe in it or not. A successful sequencing also helps to build a logical structure and flow for your students.

While waiting for Kosta and George to come around to each group for individual feedback, Rodney claimed he felt like he wanted to lift someone up. Which resulted in a rather unsuccessful lifting of Tee in a binded, half moon pose and eventually into this:

Mucking around in evening class – photo courtesy of Tee

Friday also marks George’s last day with the TTC group before he departs back to Bangkok. It was also the end of our anatomy class, which also means it was Karen’s last day with us. Our test for anatomy was quite interesting where we were broken up to groups of fives and had to come up with a case study (i.e. injury, symptomatic afflictions) and 6 postures to ameliorate the symptoms. The key takeaway from this was to adjust gently and with as little skin to skin contact as possible – because again, energetically, this creates a change in both the student and the teacher.

We had a class photo at the end of evening practice which I think is officially our FIRST group photo which included all 25 people within one photoframe

Namaste! Photo courtesy of Clinton Chan

Friday night was spent walking along Bo Phut and I tried my first Banana, Nutella and Cinnamon pancake. Which is really just roti canai with bananas and topped with nutella and cinnamon. The guy that was behind the stall attempted a conversation in Bahasa Malaysia which pretty much consisted of “roti pisang! roti pisang! susu mau?” (banana pancake! do you want some condensed milk?).

Funny, just typing that up gives me a tinge of homesickness. I miss having my broken english conversations, my Manglish and sprinkling of “where got??” and my online conversation with work mates which mostly consists of “i’m done ady (already), lunch jom!”

With that said, I am still in love with my experiences here and the unravelling of each experience as each moment unfolds. I still love each conversation I have with my fellow YITs and teachers. Sometimes I forget that I am here for training. But there hasn’t been a moment where I forget that I am surrounded by the most inspiring and like minded people I have ever met.

Fun times – Photo courtesy of Clinton Chan




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