Day 12 to 14 – Change is the only constant


It’s day 14 today and we are into our third week of the course already! I am amazed at how fast time flies, how a lot of people have difficulties distinguishing from one day to another (it must be the island and the gorgeous surroundings that lulls you into a state of presence – always in the now that you kind of forget what was happening before that) and the progress that I am observing both within myself and with the other YITs in their own practice.

For starters, I am constantly waking up to achy hamstrings but I can now reach just a little further than I used to be able to in a standing or sitting forward bend. I may be slightly more flexible than I was when I first arrived. My wrists are whinging from all the downward dogs and arm balancing we have been doing, but I believe they are growing stronger too. I imagine tiny strings of muscles growing all around my wrists so that I am more supported in all the poses that requires me to be on my hands. My core muscles still shake in a boat pose, and they require most work of anything else, but I believe I can hold it there just a tad bit longer than before.

I did my unassisted plough in front of Kosta after evening practice today, about 13 days ago I was gripping hard on both of his shins going into the pose. Today I accidentally uttered an ‘oh shit’ when I momentarily lost my balance and he said ‘no, no shit here’ in his Russian kinda humor and continued to watch me complete the pose. Kirsten helped me into my headstand today, as I am slowly working with him, George and Kosta to confidently get into it on my own. I love the way each of these difficult poses takes away just one more of my fears and make me feel that much more – well fearless.

Change, while not always something to be celebrated for, almost always does everybody good. Even when we don’t feel like it while in the process.

I am also falling in love with this island a little more each day. On our second day off yesterday, a bunch of us found ourselves on Lamai side of the island. We did a bit of street shopping, saw a rock that looked like a penis (and subsequently became a ‘nature’s attraction’ according to the sign they put up for tourists there), drove up the mountain side and found Magic Garden and Ta Nim waterfall, had amazing authentic Thai food for lunch (finally!) and got acquainted with one of Maude’s friends who owns a charming cafe called Lolamui that makes the most amazeballs pumpkin custard and coconut cake.

Graduation day will come by sooner than I’ll realise, and the one change I am not looking forward to is the bunch of us separating and going on our own ways after this. But that too will be a change which I am confident that will result in many great outcomes as each of us incorporate this experience into our own lives and hopefully spread a little bit more happiness into the world

With the gorgeous YITs on our off day in search of the Magic Garden on top of the mountain

Grandpa Rock – Spot the penis


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