Daily Archives: September 26, 2012

Day 10 – “It’s the laughter that keeps us coming back for more”


It’s Day 10 in Koh Samui. I have discovered some spots around the Vikasa ground which I have come to call my own in the early stillness of the morning. There is a section which overlooks the rocks and the sea, a quiet little corner where I can sit, and enjoy the morning sun and the sound of crashing waves. This is one of the many things which I have come to appreciate about my teacher’s training course on Vikasa’s ground. The quiet corners which allows time for self reflection.

Of course there are things which I do wish I could change too about my experience here. Like how I wish my bamboo hut was either somewhat sound proof (quite impossible I know, but wishful thinking for now won’t hurt), that the mozzies and bugs will find food elsewhere instead from my blood, and that I can sleep in beyond 6am because that is when the restaurant from the next door resort starts operating and playing Backstreet Boys song as my alarm wake up call.

Charming on my first day maybe. Not so charming when every muscle in my body aches and wanting just a tiny bit more rest for recuperation.

With that said, I see this as a tiny glitch in the grand scheme of things and the unfolding experience I am having right now. And more than anything else, and I keep talking about this in almost every entry so far, are the amaaaazing people that are on this journey with me right now.

Clinton taught me Shanti Kicks this morning, as a preparatory exercise into a handstand. And let me tell you, there ain’t no shanti in those kicks. But they were good, and I can foresee, with practice it will eventually get me into a handstand. Tee cracked up when some of us were taking photos in the shala before theory class started at noon. Amanda and I ventured out of Vikasa for a short walk and discovered ‘The Rabbit Room” just 2 mins walk away from homebase. I ran into Tee on the way down to my hut before evening practice, and he asked “How was the Rabbit Hole?” which totally cracked me up.

Diggin’ to desserts – Vikasa style (photo courtesy of Tone Lise)

At dinner, Maude surprised us with raw papaya thai salad and some really amazeballs desserts. I had my first coconut cake, with REAL coconut flesh as fillings in between the layers. It was one of the craziest, most amazing cake I have ever tasted in my life. I don’t know which did it for us, but Tee brought up the camera incident and that got us laughing and continued with all these other funny things we have been observing so far.

Chandra had headed out for dinner with a couple of others but she knew I needed some warm shower tonight since it’s ‘wash my hair’ day. She left her room door unlocked so I could go in even after she’s left. Back in my hut and typing this up, I have come to realise, the reason that I keep raving about other YITs on this course is that each of them has shown kindness (whether it’s directly to me, or to one another) without any underlying agendas. It made me think of the word ‘genuine’ and what I have been experiencing and observing so far has been just that. Kindness without any other reason but to be kind to one another. And the experience of this in itself is truly a gift.