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Day 7 & 8 – Of yoga hickeys and acro yoga


I had another lightbulb moment today – I am probably going to come home much more browner than I had left, my mum would probably have trouble spotting me in the airport. Haha. Just kidding. My lightbulb moment occurred today sometime in between learning acro yoga and getting a one-to-one coaching from George on how to get in and out of a headstand safely.

And that is, our quality of life and the way we experience it is probably largely determined by how much we allow our fears to control us. Granted that at appropriate times our fears arises as a sort of protection mechanism, so as to not hurt ourselves, be that physically or emotionally. But sometimes I think these fears can also limit the things we experience from life.

We were introduced to acro yoga this morning and George did a fantastic job demonstrating with Yuko Nolte, another resident yoga teacher at Vikasa. In acro yoga, you would typically have a person who acts as the ‘base’ that supports the other person who is the ‘flier’, or the one that is doing all the cool yoga poses in mid-air.

George and Yuko, in bat pose – photo courtesy of Tone Lise

I was lucky that the team I got to work with were all strong ‘basers’ (if you may call it that!), an important skill to have if you were to get into acro yoga full swing. Another thing we were taught as the ‘flier’ is the person should not ground his/herself while in mid-air because that will put off the balance the base has to hold the other person up. But despite knowing each of their strength, I had troubles shaking off the nerves. One of my YIT, Eugene could sense that I was a little scared which make me think .. wow I am either shaking in mid-air or this vibe is practically jumping all over and out of me that even the other two YITs who were there to catch us in case we fell off the pose kept repeating to me – don’t be scared. Relaxxxxxxx

Once I got into it though, and all upside-down, with my head stuck in between Eugene’s knees (exactly as the photo above, with maybe less finesse as Yuko), it was just a feeling of.. WHOA, THIS is accomplishment.

I am learning so many new things on this training course, more than I had thought I initially had signed up for. All of them amazing, and wonderful, mind opening things of course. One of these is also getting acquainted with the yogi language. Beyond just memorising asana poses in its Sanskrit version, I learned last night that there is this term called “yoga hickey”.

My immediate reaction when I heard George said that in class was to giggle and went “are you serious?!” out loud while the rest of the class sort of just smiled a little and maintained their composure. It made me think maybe I am the last person on this earth who just heard of such a term. Haha!

In any case if you were wondering what that means, it is when someone who leans on the slim and ‘bony’ side does a shoulder stand for long periods of time that his/her top spine (C7? I can’t remember the specific name) presses into the floor too long that it results in a red circle forming on the skin, somewhat similar to a bruise.. hence the hickey!