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Day 4 – Sharing is caring


After calling an early night yesterday, I woke up (albeit slightly later than I had initially planned!) early in the morning today to join the smaller group lead by George for an early morning practice by the beach at sunrise. The session was completely optional but I had wanted to see at least a few sunrises while I am here in the beautiful Samui.

There were about 8 of us and we walked down the hill to a beach 10 minutes away from Vikasa.

Sunrise at Koh Samui

Individual practice at sunrise

I love the colors from this last photo. The light from the sun rising and the deep blue from the ocean gives a nice contrast and silhouette to the poses.

Theory class was exceptionally great today (I think I am also running out of words to describe how great each practice and theory class has been so far). It’s only George today and for the next few days until Kosta returns from his trip in Russia. We were split into groups of 4 and discussed our experiences on what has contributed to the way we frame our perception of the world and how yoga came into our lives and/or fits into it. And I am surprised at how open and ready everyone is at sharing their most personal experiences. At the end, we realised it’s through these discussions and sharing of perceptions and viewpoints of the world do we really come to a greater understanding of what it means to be practicing those asanas, and to be putting our bodies through all that stretches, arm balances and funky poses. It was like the glue that brings everything together.

It seems every day I am forming relationships with each individual at a greater level. Today Clinton and I spoke in class about hanuman tattoos, what it means to be carrying symbols on your bodies for the rest of your life, and a piece of nugget offered by him as a reflection of myself. At dinner, a couple of us who were on the same table started discussing about the eagle pose and the conversation got lively. It’s only at the end I said “you know you love yoga so much when you actually continue to talk about in during dinner way after class has ended!” and that cracked Amanda up so bad. Haha.

Evening practice today made me realise I am surrounded by people who genuinely care about each others progress. While attempting another plough on my own before George arrived, Tee offered to help when he saw my feet hovering a few inches off the ground but never really touching it. So I positioned him where he could catch me if I accidentally roll off. Rodney helped from behind and kept saying words of encouragement. He even slide through a block and said “see, your feet is 4 inches off the ground, a bit more!”. And I got all these helpful feedback which I would not have known otherwise, like how my left hips are lower than my right – so NOW I know why I always have that sensation of toppling over to my left side.

I’ve been thinking I should be writing about life outside of Vikasa, about Lamai and Chaweng beaches and what I get up to in between breaks. You know in case you think all we do here is just asanas, pranayamas, deep philosophical conversations and more asanas. Maybe that would be a post for tomorrow 🙂