“I’m a million different people, from one day to the next”


I am super excited! No, this is not related to my upcoming trip (see previous post) or a new pose I have achieved in yoga or a new restaurant I found that serves incredibly tasting and healthy food. This is related to learning from the best people in the education industry and the top universities that used to be accessible to the select few who could afford it.

It is called – Coursera, and online collection of courses that covers everything from Health and Medical ethics to Economics and Social Sciences. Taught from reputable universities (we are talking of John Hopkins and Uni of Penn here y’all) at NO COST at all. I mean how completely exciting is this? Obviously online learning is nothing new, and many universities has embarked on this tool for years but at no charge at all? Ohmygod, the thick glasses geek and free-rider in me are doing happy somersaults somewhere in the realms of the world wide web.

So I have signed up for a nutrition course that is due to commence in Jan 2013. Something I have always intended to do to complement the physical healing therapy that comes with yoga. Always though, the price of these online courses makes me sigh and wish I have Donald Trump or Bill Gates on speed dial.

Bless the awesome people at Coursera, and the incredible lecturers and professors who are currently taking part in this effort. And let’s bring on the learning and endless hours of satisfying this bottomless curiosity of our world!


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