I tried to do handstands for you, I tried to do headstands for you


Yoga pants. Checked. Yoga tops. Checked. Beachwear. Checked.

6 more days and I will be boarding the flight to Koh Samui for my one month long, yoga teachers training certification. I will be staying in a bamboo hut (seriously!), equipped with a fan and a mosquito net over my single bed. All in the name of being eco-friendly. It was the hut with its own bathroom or a room overlooking the sea from a cliff, with shared bathrooms. I saw the photo a few days ago, and a brief panic ran through my head, uh-oh what have I gotten myself into? But I was then comforted by the fact that, at least, I had my own bathroom.

Call me pedantic, but I like to arrange my toiletries and know where everything is first thing in the morning without having to lug everything to and fro everytime I need to take a shower. And at twice a day practice, I can imagine many many cold showers to follow. If I had to do that in pain, sore muscles and all, it had better be where all my belongings are within an arms length.

More on this once I actually arrive to the location this coming Sunday as I will be blogging about my daily experience through the program. So watch out for more frequent updates! 🙂

I had been thinking about this trip, and the reality of it happening in the past couple of days as I make the preparation for the finer details like going shopping for lomotil (in the rare event someone, hopefully not me!  comes down with food poisoning) finally hits me. I look at my half packed suitcase, and I wonder am I really ready for this?

I will be away from home, on my own, for an entire month!

The last time I attempted going away to a strange land, on my own and not knowing anyone there prior was in 2007 when I decided that it was the perfect time to complete my Masters degree in a completely different Australian state where I had zero friends. I arrived to my on campus shared apartment unit at midnight, in the sleepy town of St Lucia, Brisbane and was greeted with a shoebox sized room that was so tiny that I burst into tears (both from travel exhaustion and shock) as the reality of spending my days and night in this place for the next coming year dawned on me.

But then I made friends. And I found out I really liked running around the campus on the trail which hugs the river and makes a full circle back to the apartment.

As with this coming trip, I am both excited to be surrounded by people who appreciate yoga as much (if not more than) I do but equally as apprehensive of comparing myself against the other more advanced yogis. I can already count at least 10 poses that I can’t do, and how I wish with this trip, I could at least confidently practice 5 of these. And yes, I know I know I should not be comparing myself with other people and yoga is all about the acceptance of one’s on ability. Still, I’d like to know this trip is fruitful by the very fact that I can now do more than I could today.

A handstand, being 1 of the 5

I shall leave you with this awesome song by Chairlift on handstands and being permanently black and blue. Let’s hope that won’t be the permanent color I’ll be rocking in Koh Samui!


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  1. I don’t know if you ever came across this 7 Headstands video I made last year with the Bruises song as my background. If you haven’t, this is it http://youtu.be/iQQ4Wp2G76g, happy standing upside down!

    Visualizing we are going to stay up (instead of thinking we are going to fall) before we even go up helps heaps :). It is only impossible if it’s never been done!

    • Great suggestion, I will incorporate that in my next attempt. For now I’m working closely with one of our instructors to slowly work into a head stand. Thanks Ninie!

  2. I know your hut will be very chic, just you walking in will improve its decor. It sounds like a perfectly fabulous opportunity Nabilla. They are simple, beautiful surroundings where you can practice one of the oldest rituals in the world. Peace and serenity will be your constant companions and as far as those headstands go, you’ll be one with the earth pressing against one another in holy unity. You heard it here first. ENJOY YOURSELF…

    • I will be thinking of you and that awesome quote you just wrote the moment my head touches the ground and my feet lifts up into a headstand. Perhaps, an entry titled just that could be in store too!

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