5 weeks and counting down


5 more weeks to my yoga teacher training retreat! In about a month or so, I will be making my way to Koh Samui, Thailand to attend a 1 month long 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification. And this will hopefully be what I see every morning when I wake up:

Looking at the tentative daily schedule though, I am not sure if it will be at all like a retreat or more like a bootcamp. Yoga bootcamp. I read some of the blogs from those who had attended the earlier session this year, and most talked about the pain and the soreness they felt. Judging by that, I would most probably be blogging about how I crawled my way back to my room after practice every single day. Haha!

Speaking of blogging, yeap you read that right. I will be writing about my experience on my 4 weeks journey through stretching, breathing, bending, and hopefully not collapsing of exhaustion towards attaining my certification.

What made me decide on the teaching certification?

More than anything else, I wanted to deepen my practice. To learn other facet of yoga than what I have already been exposed to in the last handful number of years. I also realised I liked the feeling of teaching. Of being in front of a group of strangers and helping them realise a better way towards healthier living (sorry McDonalds!). Or in the least, to give some tools to aid them towards attaining a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle. There a few goals I wish to achieve in my one month there, but I would happy if I could achieve just one – to be able to place my palm flat on the floor on the standing forward bend, and to kiss my knees on a sitting forward bend.

*Cue to laugh*

Some work colleagues and clients have asked me recently if consulting is what I want to do long term. My answer has always been consistently “No”. And when they asked “So, what do you want to do in the long term?”. And that is pretty simple isn’t it? To open my own yoga studio and have a healthy encouraging turn up for each and every of my classes. 🙂



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