Freedom is…


Amnesty International turned 50 recently and as part of this celebration, 50 artistes collaborated to produce “A Toast To Freedom”. Even Ewan McGregor was part of this effort, although I was watching intently while the video was playing and wondering at which part exactly he sang his solo.

This song got me thinking. What is freedom? Does it simply mean to roam the world as you wish, and be as you wish? Or is it something more complex beyond that?

Politics is one subject that I try to avoid as best as I can when it comes to this blog. Mostly because I do not know enough to provide an educated opinion on it, and it would not be fair to portray an opinion based on half-baked facts. Last weekend however, saw the gathering of thousands of Malaysian in Kuala Lumpur to stage a peaceful rally demanding a clean, and fair elections.

What began as a peaceful showcase of a group of people trying to get their message across, escalated into a mass violence.

Freedom comes in many forms and shapes, and surely demanding a clean and fair election through a peaceful rally would qualify as one. But at what price does one have to pay in order to obtain it?

So what does freedom mean to you?


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  1. Hey Miss Nabilla, just tweeted this. I thought it was extremely informative and sensitively well written. Freedom means so much to me personally that I can’t imagine what it would be like if it was suddenly taken away. Much for thought on this Sunday in May.

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