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The smell good, mother nature lovin’ people


Recently I passed by The Body Shop whilst attending to some errands in a neighbourhood mall. I don’t usually pay attention to TBS since by experience, most of its items are laced with Sodium Laureth Sulphates (SLS) and a plethora of its other sulphates cousins, parabens and other things which I’m not quite sure how to pronounce, let alone spell it correctly.

True, Anita Roddick, the founder of TBS did have great, well meaning intentions for the brand. And her hard work to bring fair trade into the beauty economics truly has to be acknolwedged as well as her direct and indirect work to empower women in developing countries. But my experience with TBS has always been a hit and miss and when other organic products started to make its way to the Malaysian shores, the latter became an afterthought when it comes to beauty and cosmetics.

But on this particular day, there was a big sign outside of TBS announcing there is a Buy 1-Free 1 for Earth Lovers shower line. I had no idea what Earth Lovers were all about but it sounded pretty hippie and that tickles the inner-tree hugger in me to step in to the store. What I found was that TBS had ventured into the organic, sulphate free, paraben free beauty line in the form of intriguing mixtures of fruits and herbs (like Watermelon & Eucalyptus, Pear & Lemongrass and Cucumber & Mint) as shower gels. And hey! you get 2 for the price of 1. That’s like Mother Nature celebrating the very fact that you can save the world and smell good while at it too!

Pear & Lemongrass Shower Gel

After much indecision, and repetitive sniffing of everything they had, I finally settled on Pear & Lemongrass and Cucumber & Mint and they both smell divine. The kind that makes you look forward to shower time, just so you could feel good about smelling good immediately after. I am happy to report that TBS is doing Mother Nature some good with its new biodegradable, SLS and paraben free line. And this means good news to all those people with sensitive skin, as well as those who are always worrying about the future of our waterways.

This is not to say the entire TBS has gone through a revamp where they had a field day throwing out every product they carry that contains these nasty chemicals. Most of their line still do contain the original ingredients as they were formulated with 10-15 years back. It is nevertheless hopeful to see that TBS is joining in the healthy, organic and earth-friendly movement too.


“Every new beginning, comes from some other beginning’s end”


My 6 weeks is up!!

For those who have no idea what I’m referring to, about 7 weeks ago I had gone to see an orthopedic for a pain in my wrist that has been nagging me since I started intensifying my yoga practice from a gentle once-a-week practice to an aggressive thrice-weekly mix of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Yin Yoga.

All because, it became a sudden goal for me to be able to do a forward bend, with both of my palms placed flat on the floor. There are no shortcuts to getting flexible, unlike those “cheat” slimming houses that claim to massage and melt away your fat so you will come out with a Coke bottle figure. Needless to say, my enthusiasm got me in a little bit of trouble which led to my very kind doctor drawing me a skeleton of a human hand, with all the bones included and explaining to me that although the injury is quite minor, I would still have to stay off my yoga mat for 6 whole weeks.

“6 whole weeks?!” I remembered saying to him, with an incredulous look like he just told me there is no such thing as Yoga.

“A broken bone takes 42 weeks to heal” he replied, with a snicker and a wag of his finger.

Mmm ok. I guess I can’t argue with that.

So finally, the 6 weeks recovery period ended last weekend and although I can’t say the ache is completely gone, it is definitely better. Coincidentally, a couple of friends invited me along for an impromptu road trip to Malacca and Port Dickson. Malacca for the food, PD for the beach and water chalet. And what an awesome weekend it was spent amongst close friends.

Of course my overly excited question of “who wants to wake up with me tomorrow morning and watch the sunrise and do sun salutations together?” was met with a long silence, and that does not take by surprise at all. I ended up sleeping through it anyway, but I was the still the first to have woken up on Sunday morning.

The view from my mat

We had a balcony that overlooks into the sea, and it served as the perfect setting for me to ease my way back into my poses. So while the rest of my friends were fast asleep, I twisted, turned, and said hello to the Sunday sun with my sun salutations.

I cannot imagine a better way to welcome back Yoga into my weekly routine 🙂

Every new beginning, comes from some other beginning's end - Semisonic

How old is your soul?


Children grow up believing in things that transcends the reality we live in. In Santa, fairies, unicorns, elves and angels. And even if the latter may raise debates (though I believe that angels really do exist) somewhere along those years, these beliefs somehow disappear. Perhaps from repeated disappointment, or maybe from the simple error of believing that other people knows best.

I think we are all equipped with our own intelligence, and it is sometimes the trust that we lack in ourselves which brings us to make choices that entails less risk but equally less than desirable outcomes.

Why do people stop believing in angels? or Santa Clause?

Or Love? or the possibility of being able to love and be loved in precisely the exact way they have always wanted?

Perhaps the safer route is indeed the smarter route. The path of least resistance that quiets the nasty uncertainties about the future, and our own capability to overcome these. Contrary to what many seem to say, it is not hard to let go of your desires, those desires that fuels you at the very thought of it (whether that be a passion, a dream job, an object of desire or even a person), it is in fact easier. Because the path to attaining those desires is often characterized with a boulder-sized of uncertainties and possibilities of disappointments making it far more easier to opt out, and adopt the status quo. It is that much easier to come up with a list of excuses of why it will not work than to truly confront your heart’s desires even if the effort required is equal both ways.

But then, where is the fun and adventure if we always opt for the safety of what we know? And how do we begin to even try to remain young at heart, if at every time the road ahead of us forks into two, we choose the less bumpy road without ever knowing that the end of which could be attaining something less than what we really deserve?

We’ve got a lot to learn, god knows we are worth it – Jason Mraz