Monthly Archives: December 2011

First unofficial class begins today


I had my first stint at teaching yoga this morning. It started because our usual weekend class at the studio was cancelled over the Christmas – New Year holidays which means 2 full weeks of no stretching, bending and self-pretzelling into positions that you won’t normally do on a daily basis. Z, my best friend of 14 years, who just got into yoga less than a month and didn’t want to see the momentum die down over the long holidays came over – bright and early at 8 am in the morning.

We unrolled our mats on the grassy patch near the pool area, pulling a blind eye to 2 men seated on the deck chairs and proceeded with our sun salutations for 10 minutes (yes, it was timed!). 1 hour and a half can really fly by in between correcting poses, and counting down 30 seconds each time. I think those few breathless ‘thank you for torturing me’ comments meant that I did a pretty good job for a first time (yet to be certified) yogi. That experience of teaching for me is far more humbling than having to admit that I have a lifelong fear of breaking my neck in any inverted poses.

Which brings me to the very reason why I decided to start this blog. Timely as it is (hey new year’s resolution!), it is also part of a deal I had agreed on in order to qualify for some discounts possibly because there is an inherent cheapskate in me that will always try to milk the cheapest deal I can find. More on this “deal” once things are confirmed – I am equally as excited to share! 🙂 I’ve also been intensifying my interest in healthy eating and raw food as of late, experimenting with a few green smoothies, salads, and juices much more than I ever did in the previous years. So this is one way for me to keep track of those odd bits of recipes.

Back to our eventful morning, we ended with a series of Bhastrika Pranayama. Back upstairs, Z watched on rather questioningly as I juiced some carrots, and put in whole leaves of bok choy, alfalfa, kale and a banana in the blender. And once I served her with the concoction of green smoothie, and fending off questions like “will it taste like banana?”, “are you sure I won’t taste the bok choy in there?”, “is it sweet? like you added honey right?” – I was met with a satisfied “i taste the banana!!” which I think means “I can drink this! Not bad!”

She made a comment at the end, which affirms my thoughts for a while “I think you should really do this, screw all these corporate sh*t, you should be doing this instead”. Maybe she is right. And with that, she has been signed on as my first unofficial student. Happy Holidays every one!